Harry’s Priorities

Funding Schools Fairly

Pennsylvania needs a better way to pay for education. Relying heavily on school property taxes puts an unfair burden on homeowners and can seriously hurt them financially. Seniors shouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of school property taxes causing them to lose their homes. As someone involved in my community for a long time, I know too well that school property taxes are outdated and that they aren’t working. 

We can find a better way to make sure that teachers and kids get fair and reliable funding without putting so much strain on seniors. That’s why I believe that it’s important to do it the right way.

Looking Out for Seniors

It’s vital that seniors have someone they can trust in Harrisburg. Seniors face a variety of serious problems, like expensive prescription drugs, Medicare access, and school property taxes that threaten their homes and financial security. Seniors should be able to count on the policies and programs they’ve contributed to for their entire lives. I will fight for policies that protect the financial security, healthcare access, and personal safety of seniors. 

Serious problems like expensive prescription drugs are too big for people to tackle on their own and that’s why I’ll work hard for solutions to difficult issues facing seniors.

Committed to People, Not Big Business

Emergency programs should help people—like small business owners and hard-working families. We’ll have to work together for a safe and successful recovery from COVID-19 which is why I will fight to make sure that Pennsylvania helps people, not big business. Families and small businesses shouldn’t have to struggle while big companies get to be first in line for help. People ought to have programs and policies that they can count on for help during tough times. 

My opponent puts big business and their profits before people. He is against common-sense policies and programs that help working families get back on their feet. I am committed to making sure people and communities can get the help they need when times get tough.

Affordable Healthcare

Quality healthcare should be affordable and accessible for everyone. No one should lay awake at night worrying about expensive prescription drugs or what would happen in case of a sudden health emergency. Seniors and families need someone in their corner who will work to address rising healthcare costs. Protecting our ability to access healthcare at a fair price is vital and I will work to make sure that healthcare is affordable for seniors and families.

While I am committed to fighting for good, affordable healthcare, my opponent is not. In the last six years, my opponent hasn’t worked towards any solutions on problems like rising healthcare costs that working families and everyday people are facing.