Meet Harry

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I’m Harry Young Cochran and I’m running for State Representative from Pennsylvania’s 52nd District to make sure that Harrisburg hears your voices.

I am a proud lifelong District resident. In 1968, I returned home from serving overseas in the Army and became a small business owner. I ran three independent gas stations in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Being a small business owner has always been tough but running independent gas stations during the oil crisis of 1973 made it tougher.

In 1974, I started working for a Pennsylvanian state senator and saw how important it was to fight for working people. I ran for office and spent the next four years representing the 52nd District of Pennsylvania. After leaving public service, I stayed involved in the local community while I worked with others to start a rental car business. Currently, I’m working as a truck driver where I see everyday people fighting to make ends meet. As a public servant, veteran, and small business owner, I know the value of a good work ethic and how important it is to fight for what matters.

With a long track record of service, honesty, and hard work, my commitment to our community is clear.

It’s time to get the job done and start fixing problems in our state. Let’s get to work for a better future.

Why I’m Running

For the last few years, the 52nd District hasn’t had anyone fighting for them in Harrisburg. As a lifelong resident, I saw that my opponent isn’t working to help everyday working people. Without real leadership for the 52nd District, we’re being passed by and I can’t let that keep happening. It’s time for someone who will get things done and make a difference, that’s why I’m running to be State Representative from Pennsylvania’s 52nd District.

State Representative from 1978 to 1982

In 1974, I started working for a Pennsylvanian state senator. I learned firsthand how vital it was for everyday people and hardworking families to have their representatives in their corner, fighting for them. In 1978, I decided to run for office. I won that race and for the next four years, I was proud to serve the people of the 52nd District. 

During my first term, I led efforts to make personal care boarding houses safer for the people who lived there by requiring inspections, licensing, and regulations. I also discovered that Fayette County was being cheated out of crucial funds. Pennsylvania had underfunded our roads and infrastructure for 18 years. We had only been getting two-thirds of the funding to keep roads and highways in good condition. After this discovery, I made sure that Fayette County got its fair share of funding.

As the 52nd District Representative, I stopped efforts to divide Fayette county into different Congressional districts. That would have made it harder for us to get fair representation in Harrisburg. Keeping the 52nd District intact made sure that Harrisburg would hear our voices. Later, I fought to bring the Mon Valley Expressway into Fayette County. The Expressway made accessing Washington County and the suburbs of Pittsburgh easier.